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Dimensions and features

1930 mm
400 mm
Showcase dimensions:
1930 x 550 x 400; 1080 x 1350 x 400 mm
Average delivery term:
25 working days
Shipping cost:
Free delivery throughout Estonia
2 years
Type of set:
  • Individual parts
  • With additional equipment
  • Metal
  • White
  • Baltimore nut
Colour options:
  • No
  • Changeable
  • Yes
  • LPB
Additional material:
  • ABS

Additional information

If you are creating space for the living room or just want to renovate the furniture in this room, perhaps the MBF collection is what you are looking for. Unique style: simple lines and classic white and black. The collection offers a choice of two color combinations: black and "Baltimore" walnut or a combination of white and "Baltimore". Whether you choose a timeless white or extremely elegant black, both of these colors will create an exclusive interior. Uniqueness will be guaranteed by walnut-colored inserts, which give the design an additional character. Metal handles blend perfectly into these shapes and colors. On the white facades, the silver-colored handles blend into the furniture design, while on the black ones, they stand out as an accent. The edges of the furniture are protected with impact-resistant material. The showcases have built-in LED lighting, which will highlight details and give more luxury. Create a seamless and tasteful interior on the site by choosing furniture from this collection.

ABS protected edges
Energy efficient LED lighting

ABS protected edges

The edges of the furniture are covered with finishing tape - this material is made of strong plastic, which is usually used to protect the edges of the furniture boards.

The set includes The set includes

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