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Dimensions and features

1820 mm
2560 mm
400 mm
Tv table dimensions:
310 x 1380 x 400 mm
Showcase dimensions:
1820 x 590 x 340; 1180 x 590 x 340 mm
Hanging shelf dimensions:
230 x 1600 x 340 mm
Plate thickness:
16 mm
98 kg
Average delivery term:
5 working days
Shipping cost:
Free delivery throughout Estonia
2 years
Type of set:
  • With Tv table
  • Individual parts
  • Plastic
  • Black
  • Matte White
Colour options:
  • No
  • Unchangeable
  • No
  • LPB
Additional material:
  • Tempered glass
Product code:

Additional information

Tempered glass

It is heat-treated glass, the mechanical resistance is 5-6 times higher than ordinary, untreated glass. This is why glass becomes more resistant to mechanical impact and high temperatures and their fluctuations. When broken, the glass shatters into many small pieces that are not as sharp as ordinary glass.

Furniture fastening

Before fastening the furniture, make sure that the screws are suitable for the wall to which the furniture will be placed, this action will ensure the quality of the fastening. No fastening screws are included with the hanging or wall-mounted furniture, so you will have to take care of them yourself. Each wall requires a different type of screw or even drilling depth. Choose furniture fixing bolts according to the weight of the furniture and the type of walls: plaster, masonry, wood, etc. For quality and safety, select only screws for a specific wall.


This item is recommended by our team. What does it mean?

As we have tens of thousands of different furniture models that are on our website, sourced from many different suppliers it is nearly impossible to physically test all of them before showcasing them on our E-shop. However, the supplier of this particular product has been recommended by our team as it has met the following criteria: good packaging, delivery times, price and quality ratio, low rate of returns and warranties, has a good record of past sales history. Only less than a half of products come with this label and we are constantly reviewing our recommendations, so you can be sure you chose the best product.

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